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Welcome to the Vancouver Furnace repairs and service web-site. Inside you will find tips, links and other useful information to help you maintain, repair or replace your furnace. If you require professional Vancouver furnace repair help, please call our Vancouver area furnace "Service Expert" for immediate service!.

Be sure to check out the FAQ page of this web-site for many useful tips and advice on what to do when faced with the repairs or purchase of a high efficiency forced air furnace in Vancouver Alberta as well as other areas in Canada.

HELP! I have no HEAT!!

Having your furnace go out or break down can be a real issue, even more so if the temperatures are sub zero. Vancouver Furnace repair companies are run off their feet as the weather turns colder and colder. A few tips we have listed here may save you time and money, as well as free up the service companies time for the more serious repair calls. If you require qualified furnace service, call our "Service Expert". While your waiting, never try and heat your home with gas powered space heaters. Be very careful when using electrical space heaters. Go to our FAQ page and read up on the common little things that can cause your furnace to fail.

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Clean Furnace = Happy Furnace

"Does a Furnace Blower Get Very Dirty During The Winter Months?" You Bet! During any season you have your furnace fan blowing, winter or summer, the dust build-up can be surprising! If you neglect changing or cleaning your filters at least every thirty days during heavy use, the dust will cost you money with excess energy use not to mention higher repair cost. Have your heating system cleaned once a year, or once every two years depending on fan operation time...MORE

Should I have my furnace ducts cleaned?
In Vancouver, furnace cleaning professionals are busiest from late August until mid December. Having your furnace cleaned is a great way to improve air quality in your home. Believe it or not, some homes have never had their furnace ducts cleaned! please look at some pictures of dirty duct work....MORE

Its cold in the house

Cabon Monoxide Kills

Every year many people in Vancouver are poisoned by this dangerous tasteless, odorless gas. Death to animals and humans is a very real danger. For this reason it is common sense that unqualified persons should never work on gas fired appliances. Always insist that any service personal have proper certified training to work on your gas appliances!
... MORE

HELP! Its VERY Dry In MY House

Humidifier, Cure dry home problems with a humidifier.

During the Winter months, parts of Canada can become very dry. When its to dry in the home, you will experience cracked lips, dry itchy skin, itchy eyes, sore throat, sinus issues and many other nasty discomforts. Proper humidification is essential to your over-all health. If you have a very well sealed home, and you bath and cook regularly, you may not need a humidifier. But if you have leaky windows and doors, and other older construction issues, you would be advised to install one. 

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