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A Bit of History

Octopus Heating Systems: Before forced air heating was introduced, the Octopus furnaces were the most common way to heat residential buildings. Many home in Vancouver have already had their furnaces upgraded to the forced air type. Octopus furnaces were very poor as for as energy efficiency is concerned.

Todays Furnaces

Forced Air Furnaces: Using natural gas forced air furnaces to heat residential buildings has been around since Lennox released its first forced air furnace in 1935. Its also note worthy to mention Lennox also developed and manufactured the industry's first High-Efficiency gas furnace, released in 1983. Today regulation has mandated the install of high-efficient furnaces in Canada. Prior to 2009, consumers had a choice between a standard furnace, a mid efficient, and then the high efficient furnaces. There is allot of information and regulation governing the use and installation of forced air furnaces. A brief outline can be found here... MORE

Heat Recovery Ventalator Why should I have one?

Heat recovery ventilation systems allow R-2000 homes to maintain high indoor air quality without excessive additional energy costs. With new construction methods, homes are being built fairly air tight. Having an air tight home is great for saving on heating and cooling cost however, the air can become stale and un-healthy. A great way to keep your home healthy is with a HRV. The design of these units remove the heat from stale unwanted air, then using that captured heat, the unit will reheat the new air brought in from the outside. ... MORE

Home Humidity

Keeping your home healthy has allot to do with the air you breath. In some parts of Canada, a humidifier is a must to keep the humidity at a level for human comfort. During the heating season, a properly humidified home will also save you money on heating bills. Reasons are humans feel warmer at 70F with proper humidity than we do at 72F with dry air. Canadians living near large body's of water have the opposite problems with to much humidity. Moulds and condensation build-up can ruin homes, leaving them smelling musky...MORE

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Vancouver and other areas Energy Star label questions answered in this link

On any appliance available on the resale market these days, you will find a label listing the energy consumption of that appliance measured by simple and easy to understand graphs and charts. Your furnace, being one of the major energy consuming appliances in your home is no different. New furnaces sold in Canada have come along ways since the days of old energy hogs. Having a furnace with over ninety percent efficiency installed will save you money on the power required to run the blower motors, as well as the amount of fuel cost required to heat your home. Read more by clicking on the button.

Furnace Filters Information for Vancouver Alberta and Other areas Of Canada

Hepa Filters have made there way from institutions like hospitals into homes all over Canada. Removing dust, pet dander, mold spores, dust mites and dust mite feces is an important issue for the over all health of your home and occupants. All of the above are also known to cause triggers of allergies in sensitive people. Smoke and second hand cigarette smoke are now know to be harmful to your health. For air care in Vancouver, please click on the button and read about the options...

UV-Light For Your Furnace

A great way to kill viruses, mold spores, bacterias is with a inline duct mounted UV-Light. In Vancouver, your furnace will blow around all kinds of nasty little harmful microscopic particals. Killing them with the UV rays is a great way to reduce oders and help keep the air in your home healthy...MORE

Dry Air and Humidifier Information

Look here for information about different types of humidifiers. Steamer, flow-thru, portables.

Dehumidifier information found here

If require dehumidifiers, look here for information of different types. Corp Web-site Link